Fred Berry and "Prophetic Mission Azusa School" in Brazil

Fred Berry and "Prophetic Mission Azusa School" in Brazil

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In order to enable leaders of all denominations, Pastor Joel (Ministry Engel) will bring to Brazil the "Prophetic Mission School Azusa", under the leadership of Apostle Fred Berry. 

The first stage will take place in Santa Maria (RS) and the other in accordance with the development of the "Route of Fire." 

The subjects to be taught follow the grid of the School of Ministry of Azusa Mission. The central theme will be "Ministering Spiritual Gifts." 

Students will: job training, Biblical Principles, use and appropriate form on the Dons, Dons encouragement in practice and the principle of apostolic and prophetic evidence that the Dons. 

At the end of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Azusa Mission. 

In the Apostle Fred Berry, will be ministering to Pr Joel Engel Engel ministry. 

In these days of ministry school in Santa Maria (RS), is being done "Prophetic Act," aimed at "Releasing the Anointing of the Azusa Street" and "Reclaiming a prophecy made by Seymour pr" (prophesied that after one hundred years, came a revival bigger than what happened Azusa Street). 

It is the beginning of the "Route of Fire", a program that will take place throughout Brazil, under the leadership of pr Joel Engel, in partnership with the Apostle Fred Berry.They will be crossing the Brazil ministering the word and promoting spiritual revival. 

In the words of Berry, it's time for Brazil to lead a revival greater than those who lived in Azusa Street, vision already preached by Engel, who travels throughout Brazil speaking, teaching and prophesying this revival. 

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Check location and time of event:

Prophetic School Azusa Mission.

Location: Santa Maria - RS

Address: Hotel Events Center Morotin - RST 287 No. 62 - Subdivision: Camobi

Date: 01 days and 02 Setembro/2012

Time: 8h to 18h

Value: $ 100.00

Contact: (55) 3217-4744 / (55) 8109-7517 / (51) 9983-5625 


Prophetic Act: Faxinal Soturno - RS / day 02 at 20H

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